154 – Love at First Sip with Per Oscar Brekell

Born in Sweden in 1985, Oscar Brekell developed an interest in Japanese tea during high school, something that grew into a passion that later led him to relocate to Japan.  In 2010, he studied at Gifu University, and in 2013 he came back to Japan for a job at a Japanese company.
He became a certified Japanese Tea Instructor in 2014 and completed an internship at The Tea Research Center in Shizuoka, and has also been working for Japan Tea Export Council. In 2018 he set up his own business and is now involved in tea education projects overseas and arranges tea events and seminars in Japan.
He is the first non-Japanese to receive a certificate for making hand-made Sencha, and in 2016 he was awarded the CHAllenge prize by the World Green Tea Association. Lately, he also appears frequently on Japanese radio and television and is getting increasingly known for encouraging the Japanese to rediscover the joy of drinking green tea while also making it more accessible to a non-Japanese audience as well. With a focus on single-estate high-quality Japanese leaf tea, Oscar Brekell started his own tea brand, SENCHAISM, in 2018. His books, a total of six, have been published in Japanese, English, and French.

In this episode, we talk about:
  •  The Childhood moments that impact our future.
  • The dreams that brought him into the mission of serving people through tea.
  • What are some of the challenges one can face while preparing for mastery,
  • The challenges one will face to adapt and thrive in the Japanese Culture as a foreigner.
  • Sacrifices, hardship, and all the things that are required to succeed in life.
  • How Oscar was called by the spirit of TEA
And so much more…
If you want to learn more about Oscar, visit his social media and find out more about the Tea Projects:
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