153 – The Universe & The Dao with Li Fisheng

“When Energy flows in Balance, the Path emerges. This is the Zhong Jin Dao.”–Li Shifeng
Our Guest today, Shifu Li Shifeng is the Co-founder of 李世锋功夫书院 Li Shifeng KungfuAcademy, and 中劲道 Zhong Jin Dao Kungfu Training System.
He was born in Henan Province, central China, and has shared 站桩 Standing Meditation, 气功 Qigong, 太极 Tai Chi, 少林 Shaolin, 八卦 掌 Bagua Zhang with Taoism Philosophy and Buddhism Philosophy with friends and students from more than 120 different countries face to face in person and online, respectively.
Shifu has given training in China, Hong Kong, all around the USA, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore, Turkey, Mexico, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Belarus, Russia, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, France, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Albania, Serbia, and many more countries.
The age range of people involved in Li Shifeng Kungfu Academy and Zhong Jin Dao is from 1 to 86 years old; His students have won hundreds of medals in dozens of International Wushu Kungfu Competitions in China and abroad.

In addition, Li Shifeng used to teach at a unique school for mentally disabled children in Bali, Indonesia helping the children to gain stronger self-confidence, better perception, and balance through Zhong Jin Dao Kungfu Training System; he gave therapy at the Turkish Elders Care Center in Augsburg, Germany to improve the health and immunity system for the elders on wheelchair; At the Hong Kong Polytechnic University in China, he cooperated with the people with physical disability and the researchers to experience how Qigong and Tai Chi work on medication.

Beyond all, he taught Wushu Kungfu to more than 700 pupils in Chenjiagou Villiage, which is the birthplace of Chen Style Tai Chi to educate them to be international Tai Chi ambassadors since even as a child. And in this podcast Shifu Li Shifeng & I talk about:

  • Zhong – 中 – Balance
  • Jin – 劲 – Energy
  • The Universe, and of course,
  • The Dao – 道 – Path.
  • And many more topics that will expand your heart and mind.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind episode where if you are seasoned around martial arts, energy, and Qi, (chi), you will be able to feel the transmission of Shifu beyond the words.

If you want to learn more about Li FiSHeng, visit his social media:
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