002 – Introduction to Futuring

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Today I’ll introduce you to the concept of futuring. Many years ago, I certified in a system called ‘futuring’ – which is a system that gives you the tools to design, create, architect, and sculpt your desire futures into the now.

Most of us create our futures from our past. When futuring found me, I found the ability in my mind to design my desired reality in business. This is brain gym, and it will help us create more futures.

Number one is ‘Dark Futures.’ We can create it by feeling isolated. All of the atrocities that we see in mankind are dark futures.

We feel there are no paths other than that of darkness, and it’s a future where a lot of people choose suicide – in personal, business, or relationships.

The other style or quality of future is Dim Future, which a lot of third world countries experience. In these third-world countries, they would feel like someone needs to give to them. Hence, dim futures are like soap opera futures.


It is an entitled future. It is a future of gossip, a future of laziness, a future of conman-ship. It’s a future where our only care is our personal survival. And to be comfortable is a really lukewarm, dim future.

One of my favorite teachings that I learned from the Bible is, “I’d rather have you hot or cold. Because if I have you lukewarm, I’ll spit you out.”

The next quality of future is Bright Future – which is the hustler, the entrepreneur, the one that has a car, the one with Photoshop life, the future of America the Great.

It is the future that they sell us at colleges — If you graduate, you will succeed. If not, you won’t.

There’s nothing wrong with this style of future. But it costs you your soul and your health because you hustle and hustle for success, but you forgot about fulfillment.

You overworked. You become workaholic. And then you sacrifice what matters most for what matters less. You care more for what people will think of you than essence.

The last one is called the Brilliant Future. It’s the future where Martin Luther King lived, where Ann Frank took people that she saved, of Gandhi, of the visionary Elon Musk. It is a future that we care for something greater than ourselves.

It is where we speak greatness into existence. It is where we think that creating big movements is not only possible, but it’s our duty.

It is where we speak into the future with possibility and probability. We got to die to the comfort zone, where we no longer live for lukewarm, but where we commit fully to our life.

It is where we know that our mind, our body, our emotions, everything we do serve matters. It is where we know that we are the embodiment of the divine and that we are serving the divine everywhere we go.

It’s who we gather with, what we choose to move forward within life in spite of our pain. It’s a future where the dream of that once was a possibility, becomes now an inevitability.

We need to be aware of how we are choosing to create our future into the now. if I’m only about my suffering and separation, I’m creating a dark future. If all I want is to be comfortable, I’m going to create dim futures and blame people. This dim future motivates me to live brilliantly.

Be aware of your choices. Because the more aware you are, you will attract more brilliance. This means more impact you’re going to create in the sovereign futures of the world and for the future futures of the world.

To learn more about how to design your desired futures and receive a futuring journey audio meditation in either English or Spanish, visit https://delaflorteachings.com/futuring

Ivonne Delaflor
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