001 – Richard Rudd and The Gene Keys

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Richard Rudd is the creator of the Gene Keys. He shared that when he was young, he had experienced. As a boy, he would go out into the woods and would experience feelings of ecstasy in his body.

In his late twenties, he had his first big spiritual experience. He woke up one morning into an expanded state and he said it felt like his entire body was filled with light.

Richard noted that the light had intelligence and the light was wisdom. He could feel his greater body, going miles and miles out into nature, into the fields surrounding his house, into the villages, encompassing all the people who are out there.

He asked myself, “what do I do?” Richard said that he traveled, on two levels. He traveled in his mind, constantly asking questions. Any question he asked, it was answered instantly – not by fact, but by truth and by memory.


Richard relayed that he had been on a journey for three days. In those three days, he said the rest of his life was kind of encoded. It was encoded in the events that happened in the next three days and nights.

He saw the storyline and the ending. Seeing that, a deep part of him was relaxed at a very deep level. Afterward, he came down from that trip, into normal consciousness, or forgetting consciousness.

Over time, he forgot that state. He went into a period of seven years where he attempted to integrate that experience. Eventually, he met his wife and they had a family. Things began to come together for him because he said that he had this wisdom, but he didn’t have a structure for it.

Richard said that the next thing was language began to appear. He noted that it’s like learning a new language: the language of light. It began to appear in many ways through the things he had read in the past, through systems he passed through, from the teaching to the chakras.

All these different things that he had absorbed, they began to come together into a perfect synthesis. He said he found the root of every single one.

That’s when he began to assemble a new synthesized language. It’s still unfinished because he’s still currently building it.

Richard mentioned that he has a grid now, and ‘Gene Keys’ is really the name for it. There are 64 keys. Within these keys and codes, are other entire universes.

We contain the whole, but we also contain a kind of code that’s unique to us. Once you can see the code that’s unique to you, you have a map of your awakening.

That’s what the gene keys profile is. Richard said that he is also writing some guidebooks into the various other areas of the map, so people can explore the labyrinth of the living wisdom.

Richard emphasized that the book is like a sacred text and you just have to treat it like that. You can open it at random, you can read it, you need to contemplate it, you need to look for that theme, and then you keep working with it in that way.

He also noted that you don’t read this book from cover to cover. You play with it. You let it invite you, you turn to it, you put it down, you come back. And you read it with your friends. Read it to each other.

Richard also said that if you got the book, make sure to read the 55 gene key. He conveyed that it’s longer than all the others, but it contains a prophecy – and the prophecy is coming alive now.

The prophecy is that the light is returning to individuals, to relationships, to communities and to the whole of the human species. It’s beginning as a collective return of this superior intelligence that lies inside our DNA.

Richard advised that if you feel some light in your body, then that’s a recognition that this is a teaching that might really open up something. He added that you should enjoy reading that prophecy, meditate on it, and realize that everything that is happening to you right now is part of this greater awakening.

Whether the thing happening is very difficult. Whether it’s very blissful, whether it’s challenging. Whatever is happening in your life is part of your route to this grand awakening.

To learn more about how to design your desired futures and receive a futuring journey audio meditation in either English or Spanish, visit https://delaflorteachings.com/futuring

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