Death, My Greatest Teacher

It was “NOT MY TURN”✨

SHE spoke to me softly, and RECEIVED me in her arms. I wanted to stay with her but she said;


HE showed me a world of PEACE. A world I thought I wanted to stay in with him but he said:

“You can’t, It is not your turn to BE HERE”

IT REVEALED itself as as a NEW world; one of cohesive harmony and coherent love. I wanted to live in IT. Yet IT said:

“NO, this is not IT, your HOME, and the peace you seek, is where your WORK is”

So I came back… from wanting to stay,
And I let go of the wanting to stay with him/it/her…

And as I also accepted that IT was not my turn,
I experienced THE TURN OF MY BEING, whose time to REBIRTH hath come.


Who is SHE?
Who is HIM?
Who is IT?

I was only 17, one month before the identity of “I” turned 18, when I met her/him/it.
I only knew it/him/her by the name I was told “back then”,
a name given to him/it/her by society, religions, and sacred scriptures promoting FEAR of life, through her/him/it.

But when I met her, I lost all fear
And when I saw him, I felt deep love

But most importantly, when I EXPERIENCED IT

I got to meet one of my greatest teachers:
“DEATH” that was her/his/its name…
who I met through a NEAR “DEATH” EXPERIENCE, you know?

One of those experiences that many called MIRACULOUS, just like every new day where we get the privilege to wake up, one more day in this planet, to receive the NEW day sun.

And why am I writing about this tonight?
And sharing this “IT” with you/me/she/him/us?

BE-cause tonight, as I was watching the stars, and a storm being formed in the beautiful white clouds above the desert sky….

I thought of how grateful I AM for the teachings and experiences that both DEATH, who REBIRTHED ME, and LIFE, who FIRST BIRTHED me, have given me so far…

And tonight, as I feel at peace and at HOME in the NOW…

I am filled with quiet tenderness, appreciation for everything, and grateful tears of recognition, that now know;

That DEATH teaches me daily to FULLY serve and LIVE…

and LIFE teaches me daily to LOVE….

“Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”. John 3:3

Blessed Night or day dear friend wherever YOU are…

Blessed NOW

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Ivonne Delaflor
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