130 – What if Transformations Were Instant? with Joshua Bloom

“What if Transformations were instant?! What’s Possible Then?!.” ~Joshua Bloom

I had the honor to interview, in a free-flow way, and experience the wisdom of Internationally Acclaimed Trusted Authority on Quantum Transformation, #1 Best Selling Author of “The Ultimate Answer …Is Inside™️” with forward written by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., and the Executive Producer of the cutting edge film, “The Ultimate Answer …is Inside™️.”

Joshua Bloom.

Joshua has developed his own modality called Quantum Energy Transformation™️ that invites extraordinary empaths and intuitives to go inside themselves to access the Quantum Field.
Joshua has created a powerful library of additional programs; a way of being called Being Quantum™️, a transformation process called Age Clearing™️, a reiki modality named Being Reiki™️, and an allergy elimination process called Quantum Allergy Release™️.


Joshua does what most people consider to be impossible: He assists clients in completely releasing ailments such as fibromyalgia, pain, anxiety, depression, allergies, eczema, rosacea and more. Additionally, he trains students to transform themselves and help others do the same in his extraordinary “Come To The Edge” program.

In this episode we got to talk about:

  1. How Quantum Energy Transformation™️ (QET™️) holds the possibility for you to transform instantly.
  2. Why strategies fail and what we do instead in QET™️ to create powerful Quantum Shifts.
  3. How does “Shift happen’’ in the Quantum field?
  4. How to get out of your head and back into your body and why this is key for your transformation.
  5. What we have all learned about manifestation is 100% wrong and how it really works!

And much more.

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