164 – Carving The Divine with Yujiro Seki

“In the Grand Scheme of things, “I” is not important.” 
Born and raised in Japan, Yujiro Seki discovered his passion for film-making when he was in high school.
Through making his first feature film, Sokonashi Deka (The Enigmatic Detective), he became enamored with the imaginative possibilities of cinema and vowed to master the art through study in the United States.
Seki earned a BA in Film from the University of California, Berkeley, and completed a short film, Sashimi Taco, for his senior, honors thesis.
Following his graduation, Seki moved to Los Angeles to work as a director of the video department for Intermarket Design, and as a film instructor at Montecito Fine Arts College of Design.  After attaining a permanent U.S. residency, Seki began studying full-time in the Cinematography program at UCLA Extension.
Upon graduating from that program, he embarked on the journey of making his feature documentary project, “Carving the Divine: Buddhist Sculptors of Japan.”
Carving the Divine has become the official selection for 29 film festivals, showing a total of 22 countries, and won awards at 12 festivals worldwide, such as winning the Best Director Award for a Foreign Language Documentary at World Cinema Milan and premiering at the famous Raindance Film Festival in London.
Carving the Divine is a documentary film that offers a rare look into a 1400-year-old Buddhist woodcarving tradition and the practitioners struggling to preserve its legacy in a rapidly changing Japan.

Along with the version with English subtitles, we have released versions with Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, and Hebrew subtitles to start with.
In this episode, Ivonne & Yujiro talked about:

  • What if you are  meant to do this
  • Falling in love with the process
  • The power of A family legacy
  • Realizing the gifts of the environment you were born in
  • Inspiring people not using people just to get money.
  • The power of the Law of Accumulation.
  • The Importance of Curiosity and Wonder
  • Getting to Know the Divine in all.
  • Carving the Divine,

And so much more.

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