109 – Be Brave Today with Christina Jordan

Have you ever wanted to have more confidence in yourself, trust your gut, take your faith into action and be brave?

If yes, you don’t want to miss this episode with the founder of BE BRAVE TODAY.

Christina Jordan, Founder of Be Brave Today (TM), is living her best life but it has not always been easy. Her journey to a life lived with ease and grace began in 2011 when she faced divorce, $50 in her checking account, and 2 young sons at home who needed her to show up. A chance meeting with a friend in New Orleans sent her on a brave journey back to wholeness and a greater sense of Self. It was just what she needed.

In 2020, Be Brave Today (TM) was born out of Christina’s desire to illuminate the world during a time of need. Today she conducts Brave Conversations (TM), retreats, and is working on her first book that is sure to inspire you to be bold, trust yourself and BE BRAVE.

If you want to learn more about Christina, visit her social media:
– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/christina.b.jordan
– Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/christina.b.jordan/

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