110 – Stepping out of Fear and into your Life Purpose Work with Amanda Monnier

I had the privilege to interview the beautiful soul of Amanda Monnier who went from being a law enforcement officer to a ⁣⁣true holistic healer, new earth visionary, mentor, podcaster, Published Author, and certified Yoga Teacher.
⁣During our interview Amanda shared with us:⁣
⁣- Her journey into committing fully to being a healer.
⁣- The ways that one can understand intuition to step into the embodiment of your essence.⁣
⁣- The Dark Night of the soul and why it is so important.
⁣- The power of inspired action, flow, and her approach to healing.
⁣Amanda knows she is here to assist with the anchoring in of New Earth and Oneness Consciousness—the veil is thin + the old way simply does not work any longer. ⁣
⁣She has a passion for supporting people + meeting them where they are at in their journey.⁣

⁣Amanda transitioned into her soul work from her career in law enforcement after feeling the nudge to go all-in on herself. ⁣
⁣She believes in each of us activating our inner healer and healing through connection to our own Divinity. ⁣
⁣She holds space for healing ancestral patterns, conditioning, imprints, beliefs, + the shift into your fullest embodiment of who you are at a soul level. ⁣
⁣Amanda is completely committed to reminding others that everything they ever needed was always inside.

To learn more about Amanda, visit her social media or write to her:
– Website: amandamonnier.com
– Instagram: @amandamonnier
– Facebook: Amanda Monnier
– Email: amandamonniercoaching@gmail.com
– Podcast: New Earth Visionaries

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Ivonne Delaflor
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