179 – Supporting and Understanding the Animal Realm with Maribeth Decker

“Our pets are not messages for the collective, they have their own personality and soul purpose” – MD.
Our guest today is an intuitive animal communicator, medical intuitive, and energy healer, and is the founder of SacredGrove.com, where People and Pets Heal and Connect.
 She works with pet guardians who dearly love their animals yet face tough issues. She uses her intuitive animal communication and energetic healing skills to address animals’ physical, emotional, and behavioral issues.  She is also an author.
Maribeth is the author of the book: Peace in Passing and she is especially gifted in helping pets and their people move gracefully through transitions – into the family, into a new family, or onto the next life.
Maribeth helps people find peace and comfort, knowing they have made the right decision for everyone, including their animals. They finally experience deep, mutual love with the animal they have longed for.
A retired Navy officer, Maribeth’s rich personal life experiences have enabled her to bring a wealth of heart-centered wisdom to her work with each client. Her unyielding intention is to consistently bring forth the maximum benefit for all concerned in the most benevolent manner possible.

In this episode, Maribeth & Ivonne talk about:
  • The Comfort & direction that Buddhist education brings regarding the animal realm.
  • The entrance to the Animal Realm itself.
  • Recognizing the sentiency of Animals.
  • The transition from Navy Officer to animal communicator.
  • Seeing the SOUL in animals.
  • Navigating transitions of life and death.
  • Are Animals mirrors of our behaviors?
  • Is there an incarnation for the animal realm?
  • Is it ok to eat animals?
  • Preparing for death.
  • Animals, teachers of the Now?
  • And so much more…
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