092 – The Spiritual Power in Sales

In this new episode of our Spirituality Now Podcast I got to have another FLOWversation with a truly remarkable businesswoman, entrepreneur, musician, energy healer, prosperity advocate, friend, and ally: Celia Faye Meisel.

Celia is a Results Coach and Strategist for high-achieving entrepreneurs.

Her specialties are sales enrollment, sales team training, processes development, and self-development.

She works with her clients to crystal-clarify their visions, find the unique steps and life track
where that vision is realized and supports them to take the actions that bring forth what they
intend to have. At the advanced levels, she assists with developing processes for
hiring/training/enrollment to achieve freedom from day-to-day operations.

Celia truly is an alchemist of systems, sales, and such a potent force for good.

In this Episode Celia and I spoke about:

– How she arrived at the place she is in now,
– How a health crisis brought her to the MISSION that has helped many corporations/clients increase their sales beyond 10x,
– The moment in her life where she made a DECISION to STOP living just for others
– The importance of liberating oneself from CONDITIONED FREEDOM
– The Spiritual Power in Sales
– Healing as a Higher Path &
– MONEY, which she dropped a bomb of wisdom when she said:

“Money doesn’t come from people, it comes from God”

Celia is in constant development of new performance tools that move the needle forward while
cutting away wasted time and resistance.

She loves to explore her home state of Wisconsin through kayaking and hiking with her
husband, Ryan

You don’t want to miss this episode with so much potency, transmission, wisdom, and truth.

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Ivonne Delaflor
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