107 – Being Shanti Series: Part 3

“You know if I had to choose between a not great democracy or all-out authoritarian dictatorship. A not great democracy is it. I am perplexed that people are even considering the alternative as something even remotely good or something worthy of defending.”

– Shanti Zimmerman

We’re so excited to have Shanti back for PART 3 of a series of conversations about the importance of care, boundaries, and MATURITY.

These episodes are packed with the practical wisdom needed for these times where most of humanity appears to be fragmented and separated from one another and where radical truth and transparency is seen as a threat rather than as the useful medicine needed for our times.

You truly can’t miss these episodes where Shanti answers questions from the audience with absolute care and transparency.

To learn how you can work with Shanti, visit her social media:⁣

– ⁣Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/builtinpeace/⁣
⁣- Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shanti.zimmermannBeingShanti⁣
– ⁣Webpage: https://www.being-shanti.com/about

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