The Happiest I Have Ever Been

“The immortality of the soul lies in its dissolution, so that she/he had been set free.”
Iain Pears

Dear ONE:

I am the happiest I have ever been;
not because of a cause
of a job
of an idol
of a praise
of a win

of a deed
of recognitions 
or a win


I am the most open I have ever been;
not because of pain
of rights or wrongs
of haters or lovers
of sorrows or joys
of a this or a that
of a him or a her
of a me or a you


I am the most grateful I have ever been;
not because of light
or having met with love the darkness within,
not because a former or present love
incarnated as a human form,
or for any role the experience of a “me” gets the privilege to learn from and serve in form


I am the most humbled I have ever been;
not because of inner humility
or for poetic expressions that may tell me who to be,
not because of sacred scriptures 
or the projections or expressions of “another” into the mirror of a “me”,
not for the need to be accepted, 
or for the cares of a temporal thought of what others may think

<>I AM<>

I am the most privileged to be alive that I have ever been
not because of the moral duty that “I” has, to render service to its own multidimensional reflection as a world, as a child, as a community, as an individual or as another 
not because the accolades of peers 
or the challenges presented by elegant foes


I am the alignment with God that I have always been;
not because I AM
but because of the dissolution of any concept that follows the “I AM” statement as a journey, with date of expiration…as a human being……


In all of these and in this moment, 
can you see or feel beloved, 
the beloved itself?
Ever Breathing
Ever present
Ever evoking
Ever summoning your essence?


And in this moment…
I AM again
after dissolving identity, 
and forgetting myself 
in the sacred offering of the words
that “I” with a “you” shared..


“To love doe not mean to surrender, dissolve, and merge with another person. It is the noble opportunity for an individual to ripen, to become something in and of himself. To become a world in response to another is a great immodest challenge that has sought him out and called him forth.” – Rilke


Happy Wednesday
Blessed now

Ivonne Delaflor

Thank you

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Ivonne Delaflor
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