Fully Unleashing The Bhakti

One morning 
I rose 
and decided 

to stop filtering my relationship with God 

I decided to stop editing the immeasurable love and longing I feel for the divine since I have memory of a “me”

I decided to stop adjusting my message in order for it to fit in the eyes and ears of the scripts of what appears to be “another”

I decided to stop crafting a message that could please another and won’t hurt his/her it’s collection of beliefs 

I decided fully, to unleash the Bhakti in me 

To stop explaining the past 
The real , The unreal 
The seeker and the seen

I decided I was everything and nothing 

I woke up with yet still something; a decision to still BE a form, an identity, a temporal me

In order to serve the future of God awakened inside every being 

Yes, one morning I rose and tears flooded my being, tears of joy emanating from the realization that only love is real 

And as I rose, and dressed the self with the attitudes, tasks, duties, and responsibilities of the self I get, in this léela (play of consciousness) to play 

I realized; 

That the struggle 
That the joy 
That the hardship 
and the lightship 

It’s all God inside a being…..

So that morning, which is today,
I decided to forget; 
what appeared to be a yesterday 
what appeared to be a foe 
what appears to be external
& internal too 

And as I fell, fall, uplift, and uplifted “myself” deeper in love 

I decided to honor each moment on earth ( in whatever form each moment is dressed) with deep fierce grace, prema, moksha, and truth….

A truth that the “I” in “me” can’t grasp, but that the heart of unity in diversity recognizes as “I AM”

Thank you for reading,
I AM loving it and you all

May you create a blissful day,
May you experience more of your own source

Ivonne Delaflor

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Ivonne Delaflor

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