135 – The Gift Of Loss with John Grillo

John Grillo is the President of JG Vault Coaching, a coaching firm dedicated to helping mid-life men overcome their limiting beliefs regarding, their fitness, finances, and futures. John believes his best days are ahead of him and instills that belief in his clients.

His tagline of Mind, Money, Muscles reflects that belief.

John is a former IT executive for a major Wall Street Bank and an Air Force Veteran. He is a husband, father, brother, uncle, as well as a Big Brother. A claim to fame, John bench-pressed 500 pounds at age 55 years old. Now ten years older, he is working to get back to that level and his most recent bench was 465 pounds. He has trained under Tim Grover and Omar Periu.

His coaching credentials are from David Bayer and Tim Storey. He has spoken at live events alongside Les Brown.



John is a true believer in the power of the universe God, signs, and synchronicity, and during our conversation, he shares with us:

– The Loss of his Father at 12⁣
⁣- The endless experiences in his family system of Grief⁣
⁣- Murder and death
– The presence of Anger and its alchemy to grace
-Defying and Cursing God in times of sorrow⁣
⁣- The gifts that loss gave him of Wisdom, perception, and spiritual gifts⁣
⁣- The magic of 1969 Baseball as a church Plato’s Retreat and Studio 54⁣
⁣- A vision of Jesus Being smacked by God before joining the Air force, and
-Is God lifting weights?

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