134 – Connected Intuiton with Krishna Avalon

Would you like to be More Connected to the Intuitive You?

Have you been feeling uninspired by your life?

Have you been feeling Disconnected from yourself?

If so, take a deep breath: you’ve come to the proper podcast episode with Krishna Avalon.

Krishna is a licensed acupuncturist, certified holistic health coach, psych-k facilitator, pranayama breathwork guide, and somatic practitioner who has guided over 24k patients and clients to their health and wellness goals for the last 18 yrs. She currently specializes in subconscious transformation.

And in this episode

We spoke about:

  • The Subconscious Mind
  • How your subconscious mind creates 95% of your reality
  • The conflict between your conscious goals and your subconscious beliefs
  • Intuitive healing
  • Finding the right mentor/facilitator
  • Subconscious transformation
  • Her experience of the VOID
  • The Power of the FULL BODY YES, and
  • The NEEDED work to truly live and be connected to your intuition


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