“The Universe is seen, it can be learned about, it can be experienced and enjoyed. But God is unseen. He has to be inferred through His handiwork” Rig Veda

I love the vedas

I love the disciplines and practices that dissolve all ideals, old ideas and that allow the I AM to absorb itself deeper into the absolute abSOULute

Sometimes we use images

Sometimes thoughts

Sometimes music

Sometimes contrast

Sometimes polarity

Sometimes the reflection of another

Sometimes concepts

Sometimes words

Regardless of the methodology that consciousness uses to find itself deeper in it

We return home

Every moment

Every breath

As we recognize the transient

The futile nature of grasping to that which is permanence

And I AM, dissolved as pure am-ness

Finds itself at home with oneness mirroring, through diversity, the one itself

And in this reflection, we find

That there is no traveling

And no adventure greater than the one we find ourselves every moment journeying,

And spiraling the Self always higher, deeper and closer into the arms of God

I hope you are having a wonderful temporality

I know you are deeply within your soul, enjoying the home within you called the divine.

Happy Friday ( words)

Blessed now ( truth)

Deep love

Ivonne Delaflor

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Ivonne Delaflor
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