094 – The Power of Rock Bottom Moments

“Learn from your limitations and use them in your favor instead of against you. Prepare for the unknown of tomorrow with the information you have today.”

To close 2021 with grace and POWER, we have as our guest a real NINJA WARRIOR who, at 27 years old, was diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease.

Mr. Jimmy Choi, also known as THE FOX NINJA, is an incredible Motivational Speaker, Parkinson’s Advocate, Fundraiser Ultra-Marathoner, Endurance Athlete, American Ninja Warrior of seasons 9, 10, 11, 12, and 14, TedX Speaker, Burpee and Push Up World Record Holder, and so much more!

Jimmy, who has been mentored by Michael J. Fox, works relentlessly to raise both funds and awareness of all that pertains to Parkinson’s Disease.

During our conversation, Jimmy shared with us:

– How his childhood was a setup for success.
– What it was like as a young husband and father at 27 years old to be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.
– The role of DENIAL in his life.
– The POWER of the ROCK BOTTOM moment, a “moment of shock” that stopped denial in its tracks and fueled Jimmy in his journey as a role model of what the human spirit can accomplish, once you are determined to move forward regardless of the challenges that life may send your way.
– Training for obstacles.
– How he ended up competing in several seasons of the American Ninja Warrior TV SHOW
– Why being a father and having a family is his greatest pride.


You truly can’t miss this episode, as Jimmy represents the faith, grit, resilience, and power that we need right now as a species, the power of the human spirit.

Learn more about Jimmy by visiting his social media:

Instagram ???? https://www.instagram.com/jcfoxninja/
Webpage ???? https://www.thefoxninja.com/

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