Dear one;

I used to believe that being all smiley, being a yes’er for others requests, rescuing people from their own demise or burdens, and that saying; “it’s ok”, “I agree with you”, even applaud you for “being nice” was “SPIRITUAL”.

And oh how far was I away from the TRUTH.

Which truth?

My truth!

The one that kept showing me the pendulum swinging back and forth as I kept photoshopping a reality of perfection, of

“I never get upset” kind of spirituality,

of “I should be nice kind of gig”

when the truth was that I was avoiding the deep well of truth, and thus gold, disguised as pain just to BE (DO) spiritual.

My spiritual awakening has been an unfolding, not a sudden strike of luck or enlightening moment after a total black out

I have been in an unwavering commitment to self realization, even stronger than my commitment to personal relationships ( hence Two divorces) since the age 12 unknowingly, and since the age of 17 committedly.

I’ve very slowly ( if you use time as measure) earned the right of every single ounce of light that many perceive from me and that I emanate from me ( IN-LIGHT-ME)

It hasn’t happened through once a week meditation

It hasn’t happened by going to a cave ( though I’m a cave (metaphorically wise) seeker) since being a Mother of three has a higher priority than being on a cave itself 

It hasn’t happened listening to audiobooks or a good inspirational book here or there

It hasn’t happened serving people once in a while 
Or a new program here or there 

It hasn’t happened going viral on YouTube, or paying ads on FB actually I have yet to explore that world 


This has and continues to unfold through simple daily practices ( DAILY), and disciplines like these;

1. DO/BE 
the work every single day ( no vacation, no “come on, it’s just once”)
this includes meditation, daily kriya practice, implementation of it, serving people… eating healthy, showing up fully, when?


it takes guts to be the light for others. Knowing that you will be projected as all sorts of ideologies and identities. You will be loved, you will be rejected, you will be sought for your mastery, and also will be judged for it as well. You will be the friend, the foe, the admired one and also the idol that falls.

Well you got to have the strength to put this temporary human insanity of seeking for approval outside of yourself aside and SHOW UP daily for yourself and those you serve, in spite of yourself and themselves as well.

You got to be brave to love and serve people and not care what they think of you and sometimes even of themselves at the same time

3. SAY NO 
to people, Times, places that you have outgrown, ( family, acquaintances, old friends) as they represent a reflection of you that you have evolved and that is no longer part of who you are. It will also be a disservice to them to continue carrying them on the shoulders of your memory when you no longer live in the same place as they expect you to.

Understand that You can’t keep bringing dead corpses into the experience of the now. However beautiful the memory will be.

Remember that closure is one of the highest forms of love

“A monk asked Kegon, “How does an enlightened one return to the ordinary world?” Kegon replied, “A broken mirror never reflects again; fallen flowers never go back to the old branches.”Koan

Yes! That thing you hide, that emotion you secretly feel, that rage, that pain, that grief…
stop blaming others for your shortcomings, your past, your present, your future, and for you great falls and take ownership of all of it, and all of you!

This is the KEY to AWAKENING… 
the gateway towards the liberation you seek and the womb where you will rebirth yourself anew again. In more simple terms this can be also called: TAKE a 100% response-ability for and of your creation every single day!

to be nice, to “have it all together” “to know it all” this has you bleed energy away, It has you trapped in your own pretty world of delusion and sending Your creative genius into a void where you find yourself repeating cycles, feeling envy, jealousy, judgment, lacking something, in need of competition, justifying why you blame others over and over again

of the marketing world, the magazine world, the social media world, the religious world, the “I should be like him/her/it world” and just BE YOU!!

Wait you can’t, because you have flaws? You have failed? You cry at night? You feel alone? You feel old, scared and have lost it all? So what?

Get out of the self prescribed hiding jail you have built for yourself, get out of the “who you should be script” and rewrite your history and story by allowing the pain of the dark to take you to the light within


My friend, my liberation, my encounter with moksha occurred yes, when I found

-God was the soulmate we all seek for ( sacred union within)

-When I had a near death experience ( many times, through miscarriages, divorce, physical death, etc) where I found myself experiencing daily life with pain, in every single ounce of me, and making a daily choice to stand up again and again, and keep loving and serving, no matter what.

But most importantly

-When I stopped lying to myself, running from the dark and Instead I walked through it, only to find out that the darkness in me was the uterus holding the light that wanted, through my power of CHOICE, to be born and be reborn through me!

“Every moment of light and dark is a miracle” Walt Whitman


I hope you are creating a beautiful Sunday filled with miracles.

Sending love your way all-ways
In whatever experience you are choosing to perceive and create life as you

I love you
Thank you


Life Mastery Mentor, Futurist, Rebirther

Committed to your sustainable transformation ????

PS: I’ll be seeing some of you tonight, as I will be offering a livestream, from the FUTURING NOW series at 7 PM PST ( Las Vegas Time) here in my personal FB page about:

“The future of darkness is light”

Gracias ☺️


Ivonne Delaflor
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