States of Emptiness


Morning ????

and as I rose to watch a new sunrise again,  
I have felt…and consistently and continuously feel…let’s say; 
a divine emptiness…

An emptiness devoid of meaning, emotion or form

I have been consistently experiencing these states, this space, where the “I” watches and observes the mirrors, the “external”, as a place of feedback where infinite intelligence expresses itself as what appears to be “diversity”

These days conversations with “others” are either shorter or in need of no spoken words, I mean; who is the “other” after all?

Thoughts rise like slow bubbles and as soon as “I” tries, truly tries, to give meaning to any of these energy forms, ( good, bad) the bubbles pop.

There is a continuous conscious effort to create structure, definition, and even words to enter the portals of every day serving, loving, working, relating, communing, living

A deep silent void, which is devoid of itself is consistently present

Silence pursues and romances “me” stronger every day; yet, simultaneously there is God’s voice encouraging, asking, directing, summoning this embodiment of itself through a “me”, to create, serve, support, teach, birth, rebirth, design, create solutions that will transcend concepts such as “fear-mind-time”

Never before have I felt closer to the beloved and n-ever be-fore have “I” felt the depths of peace non-stop flooding every aspect of my being

I AM aware of the temporary and the timelessness of what is

I am aware of the infinite love and immortal nature of God within each scintillating cell of every sentient being

I am choosing to enter and exit every day vested identities, concepts, structures, and even BE-liefs, to operate as a human being here on Earth ( so far the most thrilling ride for my soul, I must say) …

I change inner and outer clothes daily (sometimes though I would just wear the same
thing over and over again ????) 

Clothes of Mother, woman, entrepreneur, producer, lover, queen, teacher, mentor, futurist, disciple, priestess, former wife, oh so many roles… yet the one that keeps my mind humble, and my heart continuously cracking open, is the one of devotional love for this moment, humanity, God realization… God

So, back to identity, I get it, the polarities, the pendulums, the hustle, the ups, the downs, the rejections, the attractions, the endings, the beginnings, the fixed, the flow, LIFE…

Unity in diversity, 
The dance of polarities,

Getting dressed, doing makeup, wearing the part, washing the dishes, crying, laughing, making amends, forgiving….it all 

I get that infinite divine intelligence, the true DOER beyond both formlessness and form, does this to experience more of itself, in its ever present return to the Now, to home…

So in the spirit of Godrealization for us all ????

I feel compelled to wish you an incredible week ahead of you, one created and designed through faith, commitment, discipline, personal responsibility, goductivity, productivity, joy and power through the experience of a YOU 

And if it’s all one, and all there is is NOW…Why this long wish for you and us all, you may ask? 

Be-cause everything has a right to exist, and BE-cause… WHY NOT?

I love, and honor you all…yes ALL


Ivonne Delaflor

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