126 – It’s Time To Live Big with Felice DiMartino

Effulgence, Presence, and an in-depth message from the voice of a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE telling FELICE, 


Felice DiMartino is an Intuitive Healer, Spiritual Channel, Reiki Master, and SOUL-full Guide. IN 2015, Felice had a profound near-death experience when she was hit by a large truck while crossing the street. Upon her return, her natural inclinations and sensory abilities were heightened.

She now offers 1:1 healing sessions, guest speaking, and group workshops. Her passion is collaborating with others to offer personal growth experiences and Spiritual transformation. 

For the last 35 years, she has been on a Spiritual path, with an in-depth exploration of a multitude of teachings from Spiritual Masters and Indigenous Healers. She has participated in intensive training and certifications in several Healing modalities including the Akashic Records, Angel Intuitive Readings, and Infinity Healing which blends neuroscience and energy medicine. She is a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor thriver and certified yoga meditation and mindset facilitator for the neurodiverse population.


She combines her personal journey of resiliency, 30 years as a Montessori educator and training in neuroscience technologies, and her Near Death experience to guide others in cultivating a deeper connection with their Spiritual Self and alignment of body, mind, and soul.

Felice is currently writing a book about her Near Death Experience and can be found at www.groundedillumination.com

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