083 – Money & Faith

“I understand that not all will agree nor like what I have to offer. And those aren’t my people. Those aren’t the people ready to break the lack mindset barrier. When they are ready, I will be here”
– Stephanie Synclair.

Our guest today, is an Entrepreneur, Metaphysicist, Spiritual Teacher, amazing mother, business owner extraordinaire, and beloved friend; Stephanie Synclair.

For over a decade Stephanie worked as a business coach helping her clients build financially successful businesses. What she discovered is that during the process, she was teaching them principles learned while studying to become a Metaphysicist. Principles are used to ensure mind, body, AND spiritual alignment to get the things desired. And these principles ultimately led to the client’s financial success. Once that realization hit, Stephanie, left the world of business coaching and stepped into the world of spirituality full time helping her clients achieve the same as before…wealth but from a spiritual vantage point.

If you want to know more about Stephanie, visit her social media channels:

Instagram ???? https://www.instagram.com/stephaniesynclair/
Website ???? https://www.stephaniesynclair.com/
La Rue 1680 ???? https://larue1680.com/

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