Transcendental Rebirthing Facilitator Certificate Training

Las Vegas, NV Auguse 8-12

You cannot choose the womb that houses you but you can determine the tomb that takes you home.
~ Ikechukwu Izuakor

☯️ Transcendental Rebirth Facilitators Certification Training ☯️

????August 8-12 2019

????5 Days of immersion in the Sacred Womb

????Where? Lake Las Vegas

????Preparatory work is required which is PRE-CONCEPTION WORK

????Payment Plan Available

????Vegetarian healthy juices-snacks-some meals offered every day

????Daily yoga & Chanting with Ivonne Delaflor & guest teacher

????Daily Breathwork with Breath Wotkee Grace Brandt

????Daily Meditation & Sacred Principles Futuring embodiment practices with @Ivonne Delaflor & Linda Heller

????Drum Ceremony with Linda Heller; the founder of the School of Sacred Ceremony

????Alchemy in the kitchen with Shaman Healer Georgina Taylor

????Great Work & Rebirth ????☯️

Guided by infinite intelligence & the sacred womb ????

????We also have a day of support for your business on how to incorporate the womb principles into your business/ market/ offers so you can serve your clients even better with a refreshed and renewed communication strategy with film director & video marketing expert Matthew J Peters

????We will learn what holding space really means

????How we can leverage the power of the wound and the proper use of the Sacred Feminine Energy

????And what God wants us to know, as we re-BIRTH through the Sacred Womb

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☯️This is a Certification to become a Transcendental Rebirthing Facilitator of its sacred principles and to support you better your relationships with your family, community and yourself. This is not a workshop

????And it’s a benevolent space of deep unconditional invincible love where you will come to embody and affirm with deep grace :

????“IT IS MY TURN”????

Without you; existence would not be complete… and so it is that

I love and honor you all

YES all

Thank YOU


PS: Trust the call…..
PM me if you do………..????♥️

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