Transcendental Rebirthing Facilitator Certificate Training

Las Vegas, NV Auguse 8-12

You cannot choose the womb that houses you but you can determine the tomb that takes you home.
~ Ikechukwu Izuakor

☯️ Transcendental Rebirth Facilitators Certification Training ☯️

🌹August 8-12 2019

🌹5 Days of immersion in the Sacred Womb

🌹Where? Lake Las Vegas

🌹Preparatory work is required which is PRE-CONCEPTION WORK

🌹Payment Plan Available

🌹Vegetarian healthy juices-snacks-some meals offered every day

🌹Daily yoga & Chanting with Ivonne Delaflor & guest teacher

🌹Daily Breathwork with Breath Wotkee Grace Brandt

🌹Daily Meditation & Sacred Principles Futuring embodiment practices with @Ivonne Delaflor & Linda Heller

🌹Drum Ceremony with Linda Heller; the founder of the School of Sacred Ceremony

🌹Alchemy in the kitchen with Shaman Healer Georgina Taylor

🌹Great Work & Rebirth 🙏☯️

Guided by infinite intelligence & the sacred womb 😇

🌹We also have a day of support for your business on how to incorporate the womb principles into your business/ market/ offers so you can serve your clients even better with a refreshed and renewed communication strategy with film director & video marketing expert Matthew J Peters

🌹We will learn what holding space really means

🌹How we can leverage the power of the wound and the proper use of the Sacred Feminine Energy

🌹And what God wants us to know, as we re-BIRTH through the Sacred Womb

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☯️This is a Certification to become a Transcendental Rebirthing Facilitator of its sacred principles and to support you better your relationships with your family, community and yourself. This is not a workshop

🌹And it’s a benevolent space of deep unconditional invincible love where you will come to embody and affirm with deep grace :


Without you; existence would not be complete… and so it is that

I love and honor you all

YES all

Thank YOU


PS: Trust the call…..
PM me if you do………..🙏♥️

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