Codes of AH™

Support Your Spiritual Evolution with Your Custom Sacred Codes of AH

Ivonne Delaflor has worked with Sacred Geometry since the age of 4. She has received downloads of these images since a young age, and now she uses the technology of computer programs and Tesla coil machines. The code size, color, and shape are unique for each sacred code and once is created changes cannot be requested.

For some students who have already worked with Codes of AH that Ivonne Delaflor has created, and who also have the awareness on how to use them appropriately, have been able to feel the subtleness and power of the energy transmitted through the codes.

It is important also to understand that the Codes of AH are tools and sacred geometry art and that the power of transformation for people resides IN THE PEOPLE and not in the art or Sacred Geometry.

To order your own custom Code of AH, kindly fill the form below, once we receive your form and payment, you will be contacted directly by Ivonne Delaflor via email to schedule your session with her & for her to update you in the progress of the creation of your Code of AH™.

This is a limited offer as Ivonne opens time in her schedule only once a year to create Codes of AH™.

Creation of your personal Sacred Geometry Code of AH™.

Enhance the power of your spiritual practice, healing sessions and personal mastery through a  custom made Code of AH for you.

The requirements for this are simple:

Your investment to manifest your own personal Sacred Code is $1,111 USD, and it is a first come first served creation process that takes about 1 month to be created.

Your investment also includes a 30 minute guided meditation and suggestion teaching on how to use your code. You will have a private session with Ivonne via Zoom call – which includes a link of the recording of your session for you to download and keep for lifetime. 

Ivonne Delaflor has only few opening each year to go through this creation process. As she creates the Codes, she receives information from the Intelligent Space (or infinite mind) on what to add, and as well is guided intuitively on what sacred geometry to encode in the code, sounds, colors, mantras that are not seen once the code is completed, but that work through encoded process, like hypnosis, would work in the subconscious.

Step 1: Request An Original Code of AH™

Step 2: Make Your Secure Payment