The quantum healing modalities (Codes of AH) have assisted in helping herself and to follow her life purpose by assisting thousands of others who are stuck in poverty consciousness, karmic imprints, mind level blockages, and negativity in various aspect of their lives.

Shazia has achieved a reputation of being able to assist thousands across the globe in finding TRUE EMPOWERMENT and CLARITY on all levels of life.

As an advocate of empowerment and taking inspired actions, she loves working with people who come forward with these energies.


Vanja focuses on serving individuals and groups through the deep processes of inner and outer transformation. She was born in Bosnia and experienced two wars by the age of 20 years. Determined to transmute the causes of her own traumatic past, she has lived and studied in over 15 countries and three different continents. An avid student, she has followed her inner calling to chart new territories. Her passion is exploring both the worlds of contemporary science and ancient philosophy, with the deep trust that the true Knowledge is where all the dots connect – within ourselves. With multiple degrees and certifications, Vanja has mentored with leaders in multiple backgrounds of study and is currently a candidate for a doctorate in Psychology.  She considers the Codes of AH to be the anchor and a beautiful portal into the magical levels of human existence, which have made all the difference not only in her life, but in the lives of many people whose transformation she has had the privilege to witness.  Vanja is certified to perform multiple energetic clearings and activations for groups and individuals, utilizing the Codes of AH.  Yet, she grounds her work and life philosophy in an understanding that the best parts of us are in the level of being which transcends the beautiful human drama.  Vanja considers the Codes of AH messengers of such freedom and creativity that rests in all of us.

Website: www.vanjabokunpopovic.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vanjabokun/


Holly Holfeltz has been working with the Codes of AH since 2017 when she received her first activation. Since then the Codes have supported her own quantum healing as well as that of her clients. She works with Codes with her clients during past life healing sessions/readings as well as during “future telling” intuitive readings. To schedule an appointment with Holly please email theakashicqueen@gmail.com

website: www.healinghollyholfeltz.com

Linktree: https://linktr.ee/the_akashic_queen





Ankhara is a Father, Husband, Ankh Alchemist, Cosmic World bridger, and Crystal Custodian.  Marshall Keith Whitley aka Ankhara Akeru is a Father, Visionary Worldbridger, Ankh Alkemist, and Copper Pyramid builder who is rooted in the stars. He has a background in service work, outdoor education, and non-profit environmental projects as well as world travel, indigenous outreach, esoteric studies, permaculture, healing arts, and plant medicine.

His body of work is focused on combining the diverse fields of cutting edge scientific research in crystallography, electromagnetics, and ion fields along with ancient healing modalities and tools such as energy clearings, DNA activations, crystal grids, copper pyramids, and sound baths. He is also a certified Kemetic Reiki Master and certified Theta facilitator and the host of Ancient Future Technologies podcast.

You can find him at https://www.cosmicrootscreations.com/


Founder of the SCHOOL OF METAPHYSICS OF THE FUTURE®, creator of the BIG SISTERS / SUPPORT SISTERS Movement ©, creator of the technique of RECOGNITION OF YOUR OWN ATMAN ©, creator of the MAPA®️ System, a speaker in the Network for Human Empowerment, writer, Spiritual Guide, Consteller, Life Transformation Coach and Futurist.

Mother, Wife and Lover of Humanity.

Author of the book: “My Life through Metaphysics”, available in summer 2020

You can find her at: https://linktr.ee/YosoyGrettel




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