Business of Isness Personalized Code of AH Fall Offer

Ivonne Delaflor Cancun Ritz Carlton
Code of AH as wall art

Flashback Friday
To a day
Where I knew
That things ahead of me
Willingness to let go & let god even more
And serve people in even better ways than before

And today
As I joyfully completed, after three months of non stop ecstatic creative work, the creation of several work of Sacred Geometry Art ( CODES OF AH) for private clients, who are aware of the power of frequency, Sacred Geometry and are true devotional leaders & entrepreneurs serving the world

And as I prepare to deliver these today, and I reminiscence
On that day at the beach at the Ritz Carlton Cancun,
Sitting Under a cabana
Listening to sounds of waves
Watching their deep color blue, In the company of my dear friend Alex Slucki who is so talented that he is also a photographer too

I can’t avoid smiling,
and feeling oh so grateful
For what is gone 🎉
For what is NOW and the people I am privileged to serve ♥️
And for the BRILLIANT FUTURES that already occurred in the here and now

And such is my gratitude and appreciation to all that is, source, God and more,
That today I’ll be doing a special offering of creating NEW Personalized Sacred Geometry Codes of AH™, for 10 souls, with the intention to create a unique Personalized CODE with the frequency intent : BUSINESS OF GROWTH & JOY

The Code Creation will include a 45 minute private activation session with me, and truly I can’t contain my joy for this.

For I know that the business owners and benevolent entrepreneur leaders I serve, are truly here to create massive good for Earth

So, if you have a business that serves others
and ISNESS and truly helping people create results is a tune you like to jam on,
Then click on the button below and receive both the Business of Isness Personalized Code of AH™ and a 45 minute private activation with me. And for the first 10 people who make the decision to secure their Code, they will get the special fall offer, not of $1,111, but for only $528.

Click on the button below so I can get started creating this Sacred Geometry ART, for you.

And, if you have ordered previously a personalized Code of AH™ with me you will have a one time VIP discount of 10% off, and yes, you can request the creation of a second Code as this one will be specifically designed for your BUSINESS, and the MVP (Mission, Vision, Purpose) it holds for the world!

You will receive the digital download of your Personalized Code of AH™ as well as the rights to use the Code as you choose. You can even print it out!


I love you!!

*Note: No refunds. Please allow up to 90 days for the personalization of your Code of AH™ from the date of your submission of your personalization form.

Business of Isness Personalized Code of AH™ $528! Limited availability for the first 10 people only

Click the button below to secure your One-of-a-Kind Code of AH™